How Tags Work

I’m not the most advanced user,for sure.

When you tag an object/s with the purpose of hiding it in a layout scene, should the tag be applied to the exploded elements or to the group?

Or should I be hiding the parts I want hidden outliner?

Tags should be applied to groups and components. The geometry inside should be created and remain untagged.

I find hiding via Outliner (or right clicking on objects and choosing Hide) is good sometimes while modeling but you cannot control object visibility in LayOut viewports if you use Hide instead of tags for visibility in the scenes you make.

As an example, all six of these views were created using a single scene from the SketchUp model and changing tag visibility for different objects in the model.

FWIW, if you choose to give tags to the geometry inside of groups and components you have to be chasing the tags as you make edits to those objects. By leaving Untagged as active and leaving all edges and faces untagged, you don’t even need to know what tag has been given to the object when you are editing it. The workflow is simpler, faster, and it’s less likely that you will create errors in your models.

Note that you should not explode a group or component to edit it.

You lost me there?

If you need to make changes to the geometry within a group or component, don’t explode it. Just open it for editing. Either right click on it and choose Edit Group or Edit Component as appropriate or double click on it with the Select tool or select with a single click and press Enter.

After you have finished editing it you can click in empty model space, right click and close the object or double click on another or press Esc.

I’m with you now.

I had asked on the forum about part this drawing I’m working on a few days ago. I’m trying to show new work in front of old work with a square of semi-transparent white in between. So having issues with lining up the 2 scenes in layout and turning different groups parts off.

Also I ran into problems showing the different elevation views of a porch in ortho and I didn’t want the posts from the opposite side to be shown…so I turned them off and then it all started to unraveled lol.

You learn from doing and making mistakes…and timely advice. Thanks

You’re welcome.

If you need help sorting out your model and you don’t want to share it publicly, send it to me in a private message. When I get home from robotics I’ll look at it.