Viewport content moves, but the viewport does not

I’ve upgraded to SU 2023, and now I have the Studio version, (not sure if that matters, but there it is).

My issue is that the content inside viewports in layout are moving for some reason with their dimensions attached, but the viewport box does not.

At least I can see where the dimensions are and I can fix this by expanding the viewport to encompass the dimensions.

And then resize the viewport again and place it on the page where I had it before it changed.

Is this happening to anyone else? I am using Windows 11. Tech support is unusually slow to answer today. This layout issue is also a problem for several of my coworkers to the point where most of them are waiting to upgrade to 2023 (Pro version).

Thanks for any info.

Share the LO file so we can see how you have it set up. Typically this sort of thing occurs when the Camera position for the viewport has been edited in LayOut.

Here is the link. WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

I think that’s your problem. You’ve modified the camera position in LO for some of the viewports. If they get reset then you get what your screenshots show. Example:

Your modified camera position and Standard view:

After resetting the camera the label text stays where you put it but now the model is out of sight. The dimensions stick with the model and disappear into oblivion.

There should be no need to double click into the viewport to pan the camera as you’ve done and no need to manually select a Standard View for the viewport since that comes from SketchUp when you select the scene.

Oh, I never double click into the viewport on purpose in layout.

When I make my horizontal sections, I copy up the elevation viewport and change the Standard View to Top (relative) so everything lines up perfectly and then I change the scene to my plan section.

The Detail view is just a copy of the vertical section, scaled up and cropped.

That’s part of your problem. If you’ve set up the scene properly in SketchUp (using Parallel Projection and the Standard Top view in this case) there’s no need to touch the Standard Views in LayOut.

Oh. I’ll give it a shot. Doing it they way I stated has never been a problem before 2023.

It should have been. It typically is for others. Really there’s no reason you should ever need to modify Camera properties in LO.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try your way next project. Thanks Dave. You are always here with a quick answer! You’re the best!!

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Hi DaveR,

Can you tell me why the option of the standard views are even there if there is no reason we should ever modify them?

Thank you.

I can’t tell you why they are there. They didn’t ask for my input. I can tell you that you shouldn’t need to use them if you’ve set up the scenes in your model correctly. Just ignore it.

Actually the only good reason I can find for manually selecting a standard view in the SketchUp Model panel or doing anything else to modify the Camera in LayOut is for one-off quick things you won’t ever have to go back to. Friday afternoon. Model isn’t complete. Gotta send off something to the client for their feedback. Not even going to save the LO file after exporting the PDF. That kind of thing.

If you use some forward thinking when you are working in SketchUp as well as in LayOut you can save yourself a lot of problems. Plan ahead for the inevitable changes that happen in a project.

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to avoid unnecessary back and forth between both apps if you forgot something / made a mistake. You shouldn’t do it, but in a pinch, you can.

edit : that. :arrow_down: