Viewport characteristics different after update

A method I have used for years to show interior room elevations has been to position the camera (parallel projection) perpendicular to the context I want shown, then create a scene.

Since the update, all the elements “behind” the camera are shown in the viewport in layout as X-ray line work. Making the view unusable. Is there a new toggle I can adjust? I am using the same styles and practices I have used for years so I’m confident in my setup.

The new update has a hybrid export default that you could turn off in Document Setup. Do you have the same issue when this is turned off (ie. exporting viewport in Raster)?

Are you opposed to using the Section tool instead of positioning the camera in parallel projection?

When adjusting the viewport to Raster, the extra lines do go away but I want a hybrid for the better line work. If I export with any arrangement of the override on/off and raster/hybrid selected I get the same results as originally stated.

I’m not opposed to using section cuts but it seems like a workaround and added steps to the workflow. Seems like information outside the established scene should reliably not appear in a viewport?

Seems like information outside the established scene should reliably not appear in a viewport

Yeah, that makes sense. Especially if this is a new thing that only just started in 2023.1. I’ve always used the section tool for parallel projection interior elevations. But you can probably raise the issue to @trent or @colin to see if it is a bug or if there’s another reason you can’t do parallel project interior elevations with the Position Camera tool in hybrid.

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Can I try your file? There was a previous change that could cause something like that, I want to see if it was that older change, or something specific to 23.1.

Welcome to:

Marc’s Office.skp (14.9 MB)

I will try that file anyway, but it was the LayOut document that I meant.

Oh! Apologies:

GMH Sites P3.layout (14.7 MB)

I see the same problem in LayOut 2019, and didn’t yet figure out a solution. I will check with Trent.

So, using section planes to do the cutting seems to stop the ghostly edges from appearing. It may be a fact of life that when using the camera clipping trick to get the elevation, all edges show when you go to hybrid. It certainly seems to be that way at least back to 2019.

Here’s how hybrid looks when using section planes:

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I think it is an old bug that vector or hybrid LayOut parallel projection viewports do not respect camera clipping so interior elevations should use section planes.

That’s disappointing but I’ll make the adjustments. Thank you for looking into it.

Semi-related, I noticed hybrid turning on unwanted background lines on select objects in this scenario when it wasn’t doing that before the 2023.1 update… but then making the viewport wider made them go away? A bit strange…

@patfan1222 one thing you can do to see if the issue is with LO or SU is to print the Scene from SU to pdf. This will use the rendering engine in SU (the same one that is used in LO) to produce the pdf and compare the images.

In this case it does look like it is an issue with the SketchUp hidden line renderer and not a LO issue.
544059719_Marc’s Office_5072.pdf (287.3 KB)

It might be best to uses Colin’s suggestion to get the proper look.

@nmason what you are see is related to the above with our hidden line renderer as well. One solution you could try is to adjust the viewport so that it is displaying the lines properly, then add a clipping mask so that it cuts the viewport to size you would like. This does not always work but is worth a try.


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Thank you Trent

I personally have always used section planes for all plans, sections and elevations. I think relying on the clipping plane could cause issues when you least want them. It just seems more stable and consistent.