Another Layout issue

So, I have done all my scenes in layout, but when I go to print, it prints all my components and not just the ones in the scene.

Even if I export as a pdf, it adds all my components.

Did you try to uncheck the output override box?


If you uncheck that box, you should be good to go for this drawing, but in the future, it is recommended that you use the section tool to get those interior-elevation-type scenes.

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I dont quite understand what the output override would do in this situation? He gets another pdf output than what is shown in the viewport?
The override is for render styles, and should not affect what is shown.

The raster rendering does not render the lines “behind” the camera in parallel projection, but the vector/hybrid rendering does render the lines behind the camera. This is why it is recommended to use the section tool instead of the camera positioning tool to get a parallel projection interior elevation.

To explore the issue more, you can read this earlier thread: Viewport characteristics different after update

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I think it’s that SketchUp section hack that everyone got really pissed off about when an update rendered the hack not working anymore.

Or at least in the SketchUp model, when you orbit the scenes suddenly other cabinets in front of the Layout elevation view appear.

If the OP creates a proper section then the issue does not occur.

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Do you mean the thing about using clipping? The clipping that everyone got pissed off about when it happened and then got pissed off because they fixed it so it shouldn’t happen?