Layout sections not printing section

I have created a Layout file with a mix of elevations and plans from a Sketchup Pro 2017 model. It includes a horizontal and vertical section. Evey time I come to export it, print it or render it, it keeps the section annotations, but adds back in the full elevation or plan image. So the front wall is added back in or the roof detail. What am I doing wrong and how can I print and export to PDF retain the cross sections I want to keep.


Is the style for those scenes in the SKP file updated or does it show the circular arrows on the thumbnail? (Have you disabled the warning message that pops up when creating a scene that indicates the style has been changed?)

When you select those viewports, do they she scenes show as modified?

Dave, I think I need to read up on scenes and how they work. This is clearly the root of my problem.

That might be.

Check your PMs.

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