Very simple problem? follow me

Very noob question, but hopeing someone can help, probly a very quick fix but i cant find any info on it exactly any where.

I am making a flat curved surface. However the end i want to gradually get smaller smoothly. Like a wave for example.
I have problems when i come to the point of it going smaller. it wont follow to the set path and stays at same size.

Any info is appreciated.


Could you share the SketchUp file as you have it set up?

From your description, I think follow Me is not the right tool for the job. Exactly what tool is the right one will depend upon the model.

quarterwall.skp (84.6 KB)

thanks for quik response!
here it is.
seemed like such a simple thing, but bothers me everytime i go to do it.

As @DaveR have said, we are all just doing guessing work since we don’t know what your model looks like. (explaining 3D model in text is quite challenging)

I suppose you are trying to do tapering on a curve.
perhaps look at Curviloft by Fredo (

sorry, noticed your post with the attachment come up as I was writing this :smiley:

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Are you trying to fill in this space?

Follow Me is far from the right tool for the job. Curviloft or TIG’s Extrude Tools could do it, though.

Here’s the result of Curviloft.

And the setup before running Curviloft.

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yes sorry… thats exactly what im trying

ahar… ok, attatchments im assuming :slight_smile:
thanks for help ill try that

ah what youve done is perfect!
heheh has bothered me for a long time… ill dl the tool and try, thanks :wink:

@DaveR’s solution is better and he is faster than me, but I thought I would post it here before I bin it.

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I guess it depends on what sort of result you want. Here’s what I got using followme, intersect faces, and some cleanup.

If you just want to run the cove out, then Steve’s got the right solution. Push/Pull will work for that.

appreciated… i could definately use that in some other designs i work on… yes i get you, intersect and then its just cleaning up after.

Im onto curviloft for this one.

thanks for help!