How to make this tip smaller using follow me tools?

Iam trying to create this model and I need the tips of the branches to me smaller than the base, how to do it? or I have to use plugins?

Difficult to tell what you have going on there with just an image, but if the end of your branch is a circle, what about selecting it and using Scale Tool to pinch it to a tip?

As @simoncbevans says:


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Hey @endlessfix do you have an autoweld extension installed?
Generally follow me will break the curve so when you scale the end it only scales the first segment.


Nice catch! How embarrassing. You are so right I do have eneroths follow me fixer running, I’m so used to it I forget it’s not native behavior. Yes of course normally scaling would only effect geometry up to the next joint. So perhaps curviloft is the better piece of advice here.

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autoweld or curviloft?