Follow me issue

Hi there - I for some reason cannot seem to get this shape and line to create a shape & its driving me nuts!

Please see the attached, I have checked the shape is vertical - Ive had the attached error and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.




Probably too small. Try scaling it up or use the Dave Method. Look in dthe Tutorial section here on the forum.

That message is just a warning, it does not necessarily mean anything is actually wrong only that you should look at the results to verify they are ok. The most common actual issues are the geometry is too small so some faces weren’t formed (as @DaveR noted) or the profile is too large compared to the curves in the path it is trying to follow, which will leave “wings” sticking out at the bend.

thanks guys it was too small

you are all the best :smiley:

I need followme plugin pleas !

Follow me is not a plugin, it is a native tool.

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thank you…so how can i get it ?

Did you look in the Tools menu?

hehehe yeah i found it now , thanks

You should probably spend some time looking around in the menus to see what there is to see.

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