Please help - trouble with follow me" tool


I am sorry to bother, but I need to ask for help with the “follow me” tool. Could someone please spare a few minutes to guide me about whatever I am doing wrong here?

I prepared a vertical arc-shaped profile outline of a pottery vessel, and I want to use a horizontal circle as the shape to follow vertically along the arc-shape. I select the horizontal circle, then activate the “follow me” tool, and then I reach a dead-end.

For whatever reasons, the “follow me” tool does not recognize that I am trying to select the arc-shape. It keeps on waiting for me to select something for a path to follow.

I tried to make the arc into a “group” and into a “component”, but it still cannot be recognized as able to receive the path of the “follow me” tool. I then tried to “push/pull” on the arc-shape, and this also does not have any effect … so it could suggest a problem with the arc-shape geometry?

I saw a few online tutorials that show the steps. I thought that I was following those steps, but maybe something is wrong?

I am attaching a file here, in case this helps.

Ipottery_3D_base_model_001.skp (117.3 KB)


yes it need to have a face…


There is a tiny edge stopping a face from forming, remove that and then draw over a segment with the pencil and a face should appear.
The circle for the path only needs to be centered on the object, it’s size and relative position is otherwise irrelevant.
Also note that you vessel is 32m across, it’s good to be big when using follow me as it avoids the tiny face issue, but just be aware as sizes can get away from you with nothing else in the view as a scale reference.


Wow, this is perfect for solving the problem… Thank you!

And yes … the scale is too large here, at this stage just testing how the tools work. Thank you for noticing this part, too!


Thank you! Okay, that helps. When I re-draw with careful attention to the lines of the arc, then I can see how to make everything connect and make a true face. This works! Thanks again!