Very poor speed

Since 2h or so system is unbearable slow, literals for each and every action it takes more than 10 sec to think…any good solution? Thanks! I restarted both my laptop and sketchup…

Check the activity monitor for Memory usage, is it rising rapidly?

If so, what extensions do you have running?

yes it does…Luminar, One Drive and Adobe Cloud

Do you have a spacemouse?

no, it’s the version before the space…

There are known issues with 3D connexion products and drivers, on of which you might be experiencing.
Of I recall, @simoncbevans has a workaround or ‘method’
Search the forum

I do indeed. You have to reinstall the latest driver but before doing that, turn off your firewall. Once it’s installed you can turn it back on again.

thanks @simoncbevans, I wish being that good on such moves…actually the worst is moving items, takes like forever…

Not to say that this method isn’t worth trying, but I haven’t had a 3DConnexion issue for a while that this technique seemed to help. Either they or SketchUp seem to have gotten the runaway memory issue under control, at least on my Macs.

But, on the other hand, I have found that I can’t use any driver version after 10.6.1 without encountering problems with zoom and orbit running away on their own. I have an ongoing tech support ticket with them, but I haven’t heard anything more since their first-level help person passed it up to the next level about two weeks ago.

not very encouraging @slbaumgartner but anyway thanks for the warning…

Please don’t misunderstand. I am completely addicted to my first-generation Space Navigator, and it works just fine provided I stay with driver 10.6.1. The only times I encounter slow response is if the model is so heavy that other means of orbit and zoom are also slow.

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That’s interesting. I admit that I haven’t had to reinstall the driver for some time. I am not sure which build of it I am using, but it sounds like I should be wary of updating again if I don’t have to. Developers must be playing a game of Wackamole.

my model is quite heavy already but so was a few hours ago and had no issues…that’s why I started the topic as I have no good reason to understand…

I see that you can still get driver 10.6.1 here:

Maybe OP should try that?

The issue comes up when you upgrade to a new version of SketchUp. 3DConnexion’s installers only work for versions of SketchUp prior to the driver release. That leads people to get the latest driver installer so as to get, say, SU 2020 working. In my case, their 10.6.3, 10.6.4, and 10.6.5 drivers all led to the instability I described. The only workaround was to reinstall 10.6.1 and then manually copy the driver files to the right folders.