3Dconnexion Space Mouse is using up all of my application memory on my Mac?



We have been working very closely with 3Dconnexion to figure out why people see “run out of application memory” issues or lockups while using their Space Mouse on their Mac (macbook pro, imac, mac pro). It’s a fantastic device, but the included extension has been causing memory leaks on some people’s OSX machines.

While they work on updating that extension, you might try this, since it has helped some users. Upgrade your Mac to Mojave, download and install the latest version of SketchUp Pro, and install the latest 3Dconnexion software.

If that helps you (or not), please let us know here.




Yup, I’ve contacted @TheGuz on another topic. I can usually get the runaway in SketchUp 2018 with the latest 3dconnexion driver on macOS 10.14.2. I guess he’s looking for additional victims.


Does this obviate the need for using the Evans Method? I guess I hope so but also a little sad that my fame may have been so short lived.


I just installed 10.14.2 and found that after opening SketchUp the memory problem was definitely back. So; after deleting all traces of 3Dconnexion I downloaded & installed the latest Space Mouse driver using the Evans Method and now, after the restart and turning the firewall back on, the Mouse and SU are back in sync.


Hurrah! My fame has lasted for more than my allotted 15 minutes!