MacOS 10.14 & Space Mouse


Mojave is working well on my iMac and with Sketchup I do have one, Major, problem; 3Dconnexion Space Mouse is missing in action. According to their support contact they hope to have an updated driver out in a week or two.

So, if you love your space mouse don’t upgrade yet. I will be re-installing High Sierra to use until the update arrives from 3Dconnexion.



3Dconnexion have a less-than-stellar track record over the years with regards to SpaceMouse support on the mac. Their current drivers are at least usable and mostly stable (for previous OS versions), even though they’ve never seemed to have crushed the memory leak issues.

I’m loathe to upgrade (still running MacOs 10.11) for several reasons --none of which have to do with the OS itself and everything to do with various compatibility / driver issues with hardware and software that I’m not ready to replace yet.

Going by their previous history, I wouldn’t upgrade for at least 2-3 months after a new OS release if your SpaceMouse is precious to you. That’s been about the minimum average time for them to bring 3DXware up to speed.

I love their hardware and can’t live without it in SU, but they do make it tough sometimes! Thanks for the warning.


I posted recently about what forum users thought of upgrading to Mojave so this is very useful advice as I do have a SpaceMouse and I do use it with a Mac.

As @db11 says, 3DX and Mac are not always a perfect mix. It took me some time to get the SM set up on my system and I did initially experience the memory leak problem. In the end, the solution turned out to be fairly simple but it was disappointing that it was not recognized by 3DX immediately.

So I shall be taking this advice and I certainly won’t update my OS until at least after the next SU update.


It is frustrating that 3Dconnexion are so slow to support Mac OS updates. I wish I knew of an alternative but I truly love the interface and I understand that Windows 10 (as terrible of an OS as it is) gets more support because of the large user base but Mac users are largely creative types who would use such a device. I don’t image that the percentage of Windows 10 users of 3Dxonnexion devices would be large as the percentage of Mac OS users (uninformed guess). Nonetheless 3Dconnexion’s support is pretty poor. I am so dependent upon it I may have to go back to HighSierra but I will certainly consider this as my first and last 3Dconnexion device as I am not moving away from Mac to Windows.


I’m not moving either. So, I did revert to High Sierra, it was an easy process once someone on an Apple Forum gave me the simple instructions. Information that I did know but had forgotten.

High Sierra is still in your Time Machine back-up, if you use TM. I tried to find the last of the 10.13 versions on the App Store Purchases but ran into much frustration there. As soon as I had re-installed the OS all is working as it was, including Space Mouse. Now to figure out the memory leak and if 3Dconnexion is the culprit. That’s another thread, eh ?

Time Machine.pdf (227.4 KB)


On October 31, 3dConnexion released an update to their driver that is supposed to work with Mojave. I haven’t installed Mojave yet out of concern my SN wouldn’t work. I’d be eager to hear from anyone who updates the 3dConnexion driver on Mojave.


Driver 10.6.0 (released on 31/10/2018)

Didn’t change a thing for me. Still running into the same issues others are encountering.

  • Device can not be found
  • No functionality, except for basic cursor movement within Sketchup, 3D connexion viewer/trainer and other programs I use with this product.

Removed driver, reinstalled driver, restart+command R and terminal and all that.

As a designer and engineer I’m dependent on the tools I use for work efficiency. Right now im dead in the water with this product and have to work slower with just a normal mouse.

I’ve read all the posts and information I can find online regarding 3DConnexion and Mojave and I can’t seem to find anything that works up until this point.

I’m sure their team is on top of the situation, but they are way behind other companies that had to resolve issues regarding Mojave.


Please share any information regarding this issue.

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Success…finally !

Having reverted to High Sierra after trying out Mojave with the previous version of 3Dconnexion, I vowed to be more stoical and wait until someone had reported that they actually had it working in 10.14. After reading your post and wondering if you had possibly confused the Terminal with the Preferences Pane > Security & Privacy, I decided to, all caution to the wind, install Mojave again and then install 10.1 version of Space Mouse. I followed the “simoncbevans Method” in hopes of controlling the Memory Leak problem and find that the memory is not maxing out after an hour of wild sketching maneuvers. That fact alone is worth all the time and effort(s).:crossed_fingers:

The only difference that I’ve noted in SM, so far, is the more “minimal” view of the Radial Menus. The menus were a bit confusing at first look; but they work just as they did before, better actually due to the improved legibility.

If you had Mojave installed before updating 3Dconnexion you don’t need to restart with +R, that’s only a part of reinstalling High Sierra from Time Machine. Run the 3Dconnexion uninstaller first, download 10.6, and then go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and turn off the Firewall before running the 3Dconnexion installer. Just after the restart from the installation has finished, go back into System Preferences and turn the Firewall back on. Hopefully you’ll have the same result that I have had.



Could you please explain me that one:

I’m going to upgrade to Mojave soon but have no idea about this method :slight_smile: .



@simoncbevans found that by turning off the macOS firewall before installing the 3DConnexion driver, leaving it off during the installation, restarting the Mac, and finally reenabling the firewall, he seems to have avoided the dread memory leak problem many of us see with Space Navigator and Space Mouse.


Yes, I appear to have joined the select band of people who have a Method named after them! Not quite as useful as the Dave Method but I’m famous at last.


I’ll just add a few more details to what @slbaumgartner says above.

  1. If you already have 3Dconnexion 10.5 installed in High Sierra use the uninstaller that comes with the 3Dconnexion DMG before installing macOS 10.14 from the App Store. I found it was worthwhile to do a through search for any “bits” that were missed by the uninstaller. I found a few, from a previous version, nested in the HD Library and trashed them by hand. That might have been part of the memory leak problem too ? 3Dconnexion should only be installed in your User Library.

  2. Install 10.14. When your Mac is up & running again go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and choose the Firewall pane. Click the lock icon to open, type your password & then turn the Firewall Off.

  3. Download the latest 3Dconnexion version [ ], 10.6, and install it. After the required restart has finished, immediately go back to the Firewall pane in System Preferences and turn it On.


I’m among the unfortunate few: after I wrote the post above, I went ahead and tried to upgrade to Mojave 10.14.1. Alas, it seems that my mac (mid-2012 MacBook Pro Retina) is one for which the Mojave installation is a disaster: the computer becomes glacially slow and unusable (e.g. each letter typed into the login screen takes about 10 seconds before it “takes”! The system insists there is no WiFi adapter.). Browsing the web, I find that this is an uncommon but known problem that a fair number of people have reported and for which there is currently no known cause or fix. Fortunately, I keep careful backups and was able to restore to 10.13.6 with no loss of data or function.

So, although the 10.6 3dConnexion driver is installed and working fine, I’m SOL with regard to Mojave :rage:


I would remind you that this fame is the sort that only lasts for 15 minutes, according to Warhol (?). This is complicated by the fact that you and I are approximately -7 hours apart, so I don’t know when the clock actually should start ticking for you.

Anyway, enjoy your Fame :trophy: while it lasts.


Latest 3DX update fixed my Space Mouse issues as described earlier in the post. Zooms around just fine now.