SpaceMouse & SU2021

I have recently upgraded to SU2021 for Mac. I installed the latest driver for my SpaceMouse, which I note is only in beta (still??). But all went well until just now. Suddenly, my SM no longer works in Sketchup. If I open the Viewer that comes with the 3DX software pack, it still works fine. It’s just in SU that it will no longer play ball.

I guess I will have to do the usual malarkey with switching off and on again and that may give at least a temporary fix. But it will be annoying if it keep happening.

Anyone else had this?

You really don’t need their beta driver unless you upgrade to macOS Big Sur. I am still on Catalina 10.15.7 and the released 10.6.whatever driver, and they are playing fine with SU 2021. I don’t recall whether I had to copy the extension over from 2020 to 2021 vs having their installer do it for me.

I’m angry and frustrated with them for taking so long even to start addressing the changes in BigSur, even though Apple warned about it about a year and a half ago. And now for struggling so long to finish their beta testing. I think that (like another product we all depend on) that they have a minimal Mac development staff.


Problem is, I usually delay upgrading the OS and SU for a few months but then do them together. So it’s Big Sur for me now.

I think you must be right about their attention to Apple users. It seems extraordinary that we still have to use the Evans Method just to get the mouse installed properly. But I guess it’s the drawback of being a minority group - easily ignored.

I’ve had the same problem (I’m still on Mojave) - I can get it installed and working with SU 2021 after installing the 10.6x driver, then after a while, and apparently at random, it stop working in SU, while continuing to work in their Trainer app.

Sometimes it starts working again if I plug in the USB lead, but recently even that doesn’t seem to work and I’m back to square one.

And my Logitech G602 gaming mouse, with six buttons I’ve programmed for SU commands, also seems to get stuck intermittently - maybe the two drivers are fighting each other?

Very frustrating, indeed.

John, that’s both useful and frustrating. Useful to know it probably has nothing to do with the operating system and maybe points at the driver. I’ve not seen the problem before.

Frustrating because both Big Sur and SU2021 have been out awhile and yet we still have to make do with a beta driver that may still have glitches.

I have a number of friends in tech and they always mumble on about backward compatibility being their headache.

I am on Windoze, and I find that happening when I try to use the Logitech Options to add Sketchup customizations to my MX3.