Space mouse: is there up-to-date information?

Wondering if there is up-to-date info on 3dconnexion drivers etc.,their website not so helpfull last time I looked. I can find troubling bits and pieces all over the interweb on this subject (su20 both Mac & Win) - but no bona fide “most recent” advice from the ones who know. Some need to use the SM for speed and repetitive stress safety. Anyone?

Thanks in advance.
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The most frequent complaint is that 3Dconnexion is often very slow updating their drivers for new versions of your OS or SketchUp, particularly on Mac. Until they catch up, the drivers may fail to install into the latest version of SketchUp. Copying the driver files to the new SketchUp support folder usually works. Search the forum for more details. Some people report stability problems that cause intermittent non response from the mouse. In the past there were also problems with runaway memory consumption, but I haven’t seen that for a year or two.

Many people (myself included) come to love the space mouse and depend on it. Others find they just don’t like it or can’t get used to it. There is a learning period to develop the required hand-eye coordination.

I can’t find the link for it at the moment, but they do have a Windows version beta that works with SketchUp 2020. Hopefully the Mac one will come along soon.

I’m actually still using SUpro19.2 on macbookpro. Problem I’m having tonight is an update from Mojave to Catalina – was forced by the install to download a fresh driver - 3Dconnexion had a rather current date 2020-03-12. Luckily I have an iMac running a completely separate license - so not totally hooped, just no spacemouse-ing on the MBPro. Irritating. Same goes for a second copy on my PC runing SU’20 for Windows 10; will not play well with spacemous. I’ll make due. Be well…

A forewarning for later this year:

Apple has announced that the next version of macOS will require a different mechanism for installing third-party drivers (technically “kernel extensions” will be replaced by “system extensions”, which provide greater security). Unless 3DConnexion gets their act together faster than usual, it will be necessary to delay upgrading to macOS 10.16 if you want your SpaceNavigator to function.

I got in touch with them about this, and they are working with Apple to figure out the best solution for macOS 10.16.

Me and others have moved the files over from the 2019 folders, and I think it’s working ok. @TheOnlyAaron may be able to say if he had to do anything special for his Enterprise.

There’s extra configuration information to remember all the button settings for the Space Mouse Enterprise, but I have no idea where or how it is saved - I have only a base model Space Navigator.

Hi Guys, Thx. Tried the linked Beta & Installer above…well no luck/ or didn’t do it right - but found an update-driver link on my old 3Dconnexion manual. No beta V now listed (10.6.6), but downloaded 64 version - had to uninstall old 3Dcon version first - I’m so happy it’s working. Thanks all.

new 3DxWare driver version 10.6.6 for Windows 8/10 x32/x64 from 20.04.2020 available.

Release Notes:

  • Stability improvements to the driver and the plug-in software for […] Trimble SketchUp

Let’s hope the MacOS driver update won’t be too many weeks away.

It’s beyond annoying having to continually exit SU and reboot my computer to reset the driver after runaway zoom or orbiting.

Anybody tested this new Windows driver yet to see if this bug is squashed?

I’ve been in a tech support session with 3dConnexion about the runaway zoom and orbit on Mac for the past week. The first-level tech had me try out a lot of things before concluding he needs to pass it up to the next level. No word yet from them. They have never been prompt about driver updates or bug fixes on Mac. I’ve reverted to their driver 10.6.1, which was the last stable one on my Mac.

Thanks for the info. I had downgraded to 10.6.4, but as you note — it isn’t stable either. I’ll follow your lead and re-install 10.6.1.

And ya, their record on MacOS driver support has been far from stellar over the years.

My Space Navigator is on it’s last legs (the cable boot at the base has split and the individual wires are exposed and loose). It stopped working completely for a while, but it’s OK at the moment. I’m waiting for them to finally release a wireless SpaceMouse based on Bluetooth (instead of that stupid dongle) before I replace it.

I don’t understand what’s taken them so long — they have implemented Bluetooth on their wireless CADmouse (which works with either the dongle or Bluetooth) — but with the laptop trend towards a vastly reduced number of ports (and those mostly USB-C), they are way out-of-step with the times for the SpaceMouse.

I love their hardware, but they’re a frustrating company in some ways.

the rev. 10.6.6 f. Windows has vanished from the webpage… seems that something is gonna havoc in connection with browsers (scrolling, short-cuts).