Excessive memory consumption with 3d Connexion

Ive searched this but seem to have an odd version of the problem that others have incurred. any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I originally purchased the 3d connexion space navigator and installed its most current drivers about a year ago. I experienced what others had in that you could use it for about 15 minutes and it would run out of memory while in SU. I uninstalled it, put it back in the box and forgot about it. SU ran and runs fine as long as I don’t use the product.

BUT - i found it very useful and have a current need so I loaded the newest drivers now running the same machine but with most things up to date. The issue appears to be; It does not consume memory IF the mouse is connected. but if I am on the road (and not bringing that chunk of metal with me) it will consume memory and crash as it did before. Again, uninstalling cures it but thats not really a solution.

It would seem to be a specific (rare)? combination of issues that generates the problem otherwise this behavior would be a big deal and would have someones attention in terms of a fix. Ive got no response on 3d’s forum, it seems Mac usage is frowned upon there.

thanks in advance

another repeatable aspect of this problem is as follows;

with activity monitor open, i can launch SU and see it appear as a line item in the hierarchy of processing tasks. if the Connexion mouse isn’t plugged in I can watch the memory consumption go from 100mb to several gig in under a minute at which point it errors out and i have to force quit. To be clear, this is just launching SketchUp not using any of the tools or even opening a project.
With the mouse connected it may launch with a couple gig or just 60mb (which seems odd) but it will stay around that general area. The only time it starts using up memory is when it actually needs it - like navigating a large detailed model with shadows enabled.


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