Very new user also

I have just subscribed to Sketchup and I am having a miserable time getting started. I am not a new Sketchup user as I used older versions for a number of years.

The big problem here (Sketchup Web) is that there are many, many things that are essentially undefined. All the way from how to enter Sketchup Web, why it is called a free program when I paid to subscribe to use it, how to ‘Import’ a STL model, Etc, Etc, ad infinitum. The big problem is that in order to find help it is necessary to know where it is and what it is called and that is exacerbated by much of general web help from users references the menu based versions of Sketchup.

At the moment it appears that my path to getting going is to ask question after question etc.

Any help?


You Tube

Which version? SketchUp Shop?

SketchUp Free is free, SketchUp Shop (and others) are not.

You can describe your problem, the active people here in the forum are very good at guessing your request and reading between the lines.

Hi Cotty,
Thanks for responding.

I subscribed to the lowest subscription level. Not sure about the name.

OK. I will just post for each problem that I have.


Normally it’s a good thing to have a new topic for each issue, but if you think about your topic as being a ‘getting started with SketchUp Shop’, it would be ok to go through a few unrelated questions.

By the way, you didn’t get to ask your first question yet, but something to know is that there are some issues in Safari that don’t show in Chrome. If you’re using Safari and see some oddity, try the same test in Chrome.

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