Novice needs help

Hi All,
Hope you’re all keeping safe in these crazy times.
I’m a total novice to Sketchup and before I even get to designing, I’d really appreciate some direction on how to navigate the program, what various icons are and their function, an an explanation on setting up the workspace and where various tools can be saved as favourites. Are there video turorials like this anywhere?
Thanks in advance, I look forward to creating some great work in the near future.


Many thanks, I’ll give it a look.

You should correct your profile information, it is confusing, you say web, but then say 2021. This could mean you are using the web version, which technically has no number, or you are using the Desktop version 2021.
You originally asked the question in the Sketchup Category and @DaveR has kindly moved it to the Web category as that is what we guessed from your profile.

But your post in the Intro thread says you are currently using the Trial of 2021, which would be the desktop version. So things are not clear, and advice on using the two different versions can be quite different.

Thank you for your help.
Hmmm! I guess I have more to learn than I thought. :grinning:
I’ve just checked the info and it’s SketchUp 2021. I’ll see if I can correct it in my profile.

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