I am using the web version and it looks nothing like the you training videos

I cannot duplicate any on the video training projects.


Which video training projects are you referring to? If you are looking at videos recorded using the desktop version, the user interface will look different but the modeling process will be the same in both desktop and web versions.

Which version are you actually using? Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make but you’ve posted in the SketchUp for Web category.

How can I tell which version? I just opened on my browser (Chrome) a few minutes ago. I should be whatever the current version is.

I have no menu bar at the top which is on the youtube videos.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Make which is the last desktop version intended for hobby use. Instead you must be using SketchUp free and of course that would be the latest version when you open it. As I wrote, the user interface looks different between the desktop version and the web version but the tools do the same thing. The Rectangle tool draws rectangles, Push/POull extrudes the face. If you are watching tutorials that use the desktop version, take some time to familiarize yourself with the UI in the web version so you know where to find the various tools. If you can’t find a certain tool, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the left side toolbar and type the name of it.

This video was made two weeks ago, and should help:


What’s a UI? The video guy mentioned it but if he defined it I missed it.

I want to do a floor plan for a 80 by 60 shop. What version should I be using? When I try to lay that out I keep going off screen and can’t get it square with the layout .


User Interface. The arrangement of toolbars and that sort of thing.

You can do that in the web-based version or use the desktop version. Either one is capable.

That would imply you need to zoom out so you can see a larger area.

I’m not sure what you mean. You can draw the lines parallel to the model axes. You’re working in a virtual 3D space and the viewpoint can be anywhere relative to the model. Often you will be looking at the model at an angle as you would in reality. If you want you can go to the Views panel on the right and set the camera to a top view if you want to only look at it in plan view or you can choose an elevation. But keep in mind since SketchUp is a 3D modeling application, it tends to work best when you are looking at the model as a 3D entity.

Don’t I need to get the floor done before I start building walls? I just need a floor plan to get a quote on the foundation, plumbing, building steel frame, etc…

Well of course you can draw the floorplan out first. Then if you want to see it in 3d you can pull the walls up.

Only a few things can be done in the desktop version that can be done in the web version. Those few things do include Extensions and the ability to make bigger models, so that may be important. There is also Match Photo and geo locations that may be missing.

For normal moderate models you can do everything in the web version that you can do in the desktop version. Where the tools are located is different, and the video I showed should cover some of the differences.

I draw a rectangle. It is too small, only 12 by 8 feet. I try zooming. Delete and make a new box, next thing I know is the box is 30,000 ft long. Delete the file and Start over.

I try to change the entity info to get a 80 by 60 foot box. Can’t edit it.

Help please.

You start drawing a rectangle and then stop, take your hand off the mouse and just type the numbers, like 12’,24’ for twelve feet by twenty four feet and then return. You need to type the ’ or it will assume you mean inches, and you need to type the comma (,) in between the two dimensions. You just start typing without the need to hit tab or putting the cursor in the box.

OK. What training video covers that? I bet i need to watch the whole video

Best to start here The learning Center . Great info from the Sketchup team.