Trying to get started with tutorials

I have never used Sketch up, and would like to design furniture. I am trying to use the free web version. The tutorials say

Open/Model Preferences icon: When you click this icon in the upper-left, a sidebar opens where you find an About SketchUp section, your account info, templates for creating new models, your saved in Trimble Connect, a geolocation tool, the Model Info panel, and a link to upload your model to 3D Warehouse.

Below is an image of what the tutorial says I should see (left) and what I see (right)

What is going on?

What’s going on…time, innovation, development.
with the speed of development of sketchup it is almost impossible to find tutorials that are totally up to date.
Learn the fundamentals and go from there. Ask questions when you know what you are asking.

Unfortunately, as @Box suggests, the user interface has changed since the tutorial was written. The Sketchup and Trimble Connect icons have changed.

In addition, what they are showing is the window before you start a new model. Your screen shot is what you see after you’ve started a model file.

This is what the before should look like.

What settings would you be wanting to change?

Thanks for the info, there is nothing I wish to change. I was worried I had goofed something up. So far, as I go through the video classes, I have been able to find all the controls I need to with a bit of exploring, some easier than others.

Many of the tutorials out there will be for the desktop versions. Take some time to poke through the various tools and panels to get familiar with them. Also take a look at:


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