Missing preferences and templates

Hello thanks in advance for this very basic newbie question. I’m trying to model a simple piece of furniture I’d like to build.

Every tutorial, including the Sketchup one, refers to Preferences and Templates neither of which exist on the current (Jan '23) web app. I can’t figure out if it’s something I’m doing? Or the app has changed and the tutorials are behind? This is driving me a little nuts, because I can’t follow any tutorials. I can’t even find an “About” screen, so I can’t figure out which version I’m using.

When I click New+ I get a default new model with no prompt for templates or preferences. I can probably figure out how to work with this tool, but I am kind of getting hung up on this basic first step and wondering.

Screenshot attached
Screenshot 2023-01-14 170248|690x388

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says SketchUp Make but you allude to SketchUp Free. What operating system are you actually using?

They do in the Desktop versions of SketchUp but not in the web-based version.

What is it you want to change that you think you need Preferences or Templates for?

You should be following tutorials specifcally related to the web based version if that’s what you are using.

Hi Dave, thanks for responding quickly.

i’ve tried sketchup on and off over the years - I never paid for it and have barely have used it. So no clue what’s in my profile or what it means.

I’m using the free web app on Windows 10. I’ve tried it in both chrome and edge. In Edge it didn’t even load.

As for which tutorial I’m following - it’s the one I linked to from the web app itself and it says that it’s the tutorial for the webapp. Getting Started with SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help

" Click the About icon (image) to learn about the latest updates to SketchUp for Web and review the Terms of Service." –

I can’t even find an About icon. I clicked what looks like it should be a sketchup icon, but nothing pops up

there’s no “Model Info” as the tutorial claims

On this page Creating and Editing Models | SketchUp Help - when I try to follow and click New the tutorial claims I can select a template and view options. I see now way to do that.

As you are a hobby user, that’s OK. It’s the information you added when you joined the forum.
Screenshot - 1_14_2023 , 4_32_08 PM

Please correct your profile then. It’s woefully out of date.

Evidently the SketchUp folks need to update that page. @TysonK ?

You can choose the default template as shown below.

oh! so obvious now that you’ve showed me. thank you so much. I figured it was high time I acquire some basic skills in this tool.

Dave has pointed you right. The other reference I’d suggest for a few beginner tips is this course: NOTE: Only the first few lessons are done, it’s been neglected for a while (and that one is on me), but it should help get you started in the Web version of SketchUp.

I also don’t mean to kick the can down the road, but the reference to the Help Center is best notified to our friend @jody

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