New Model icon missing

I’ve just started using SketchUp for Web, free version, and I’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

I’ve created an account, and then (as explained in the Getting Started pages) I’ve clicked the ‘Open Model/Preferences’ icon. But the sidebar doesn’t show all the options. It has HOME, Account, Trimble Connect, 3D Warehouse and add Location. It doesn’t have New Model. I want to select a template from New Model.
Hoping you can help! Thanks

Click “Create New” if you’re here:


Or if you already have a drawing open, click the folder, then “New”


Thanks, yes I have that, including the options shown in your screenshot. I was expecting the options shown in the Getting Started tutorial but maybe that’s out of date. I appreciate your help. I’ll keep going from here. Cheers

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Most of the tutorial videos show the desktop interface, which is functionally (approximately) equivalent, but very different in appearance.