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I’m new to Sketchup and I’ve purchased SketchUp Shop. I’m trying to get through the “SketchUp for Web” tutorial. I must be doing something wrong or I’ve missed a step or a page or something. The very first section “Getting started with SketchUp for Web” has a Touring the SketchUp for Web interface. There are so many icons that are not where the tutorial says they should be. I.E. the File Operations icon, It is not where it is supposed to be and I can’t locate it. The tutorial goes on to mention “the SketchUp for Web sidebar”. There is a nice list of icons and an explanation of what each icon represents, a nice screenshot showing the Sidebar expanded to reveal where all the icons are, but there is no explanation as to how to find the sidebar itself. I’ve got about 3 hours into this tutorial, I’ve downloaded, deleted, downloaded again, searched for other tutorials, etc., and I’m stuck. Do I have the correct tutorial for Sketchup Shop? I’m very frustrated at this point. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I think the problem stems from the user interface having changed a little but the images for the tour haven’t been updated yet. Some of the things shown in the top left bar were moved into the sidebar that opens when you click on the menu button.

To get to the sidebar now you click on the “hamburger menu”, the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.

shop menu

It’s certainly time for the Getting Started page to have some love. @Mark is that something you can pass on to the right folks?

Thanks @DaveR for the prompt reply. Looks like some of the terminology has changed too. In the case of the SketchUp for Web sidebar, the tutorial says to “1. Click the File Operations icon and select Insert from the menu that appears.” There is no “Insert” to select. lol.
So far I believe “File Operations” has been changed to “Open Model/Preferences” and “Insert” has been changed to “Import”.
That’s enough for today.

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I think that was done to create better consistency between the web and desktop versions.

Thanks for calling this out. We are in progress on a new onboarding video series for SketchUp for Web, but it’s clear that the current help article on is quite a bit outdated now. I will give our help center team a heads-up that a refresh of that article and its accompanying screenshots are in order. Sorry for the confusion @McCoy!

For what it’s worth, the Tour SketchUp option in the help menu (bottom left of the modeling window) is a bit more accurate.

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