Sketchup for Web menu cheat sheet?

Hi. I’m very excited about learning Sketchup, but I’ve started with Sketchup for Web (lemme see if it works for me). I’m trying to go through the tutorial videos, but they all refer to a top menu bar. So I’m spending a load of time rooting around in the side panels for the comparable commands. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere that shows which icon corresponds to which menu item referred to in the videos? I can tell that this will be cool, but not if I can’t learn it.


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The toolbar icons look similar in both versions and they are grouped together so that similar tools are in the same collection. Take a few minutes to poke around at the various tool sets to see what is what.

Yup, I do realize the tools are similar. I’m just struggling with finding the word used in the tutorial from the top menu bar by looking at all the icons. I have spent quite a lot of time examining the tool sets. I’d make a cheat sheet myself if I had access to all the top bar menus.

Have you looked at this?

And scroll down on this page:

Hi Molly. I made a sheet sheet for you.

The instructor (right bar, 3rd icon down) is great for learning the tools.

I recommend trying out all the tools and windows and figuring out how they work one after another. For example make a line with the line tool, then try out the freehand tool, then try out the arc tools, etc. If you ever get stuck, try reading what’s in the instructor window & if that doesn’t work, then ask the forums.

If you want to follow along the tutorials with the same version, then you might consider downloading SketchUp Make 2017.

SketchUp is an extremely cool program! It’s an indispensable tool for making anything in real life because it helps you plan in 3D. SketchUp is great for things like rearranging your room, planning an event, or even designing a building! The applications are virtually endless. When I was first learning SketchUp, I had difficulties too. It seems like there’s always something new to learn, despite it’s simple user interface. I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon though, but it does take a bit of time/effort to become proficient. The things that helped me learn SketchUp the most were the “SketchUp Training Series” on Youtube and the SketchUp Forums. I went to school for drafting too, so that helped a lot. I wish class used SketchUp more though. :sweat_smile:

But if you take some drafting classes, then it will help a lot. A lot of the programs use similar concepts & many drafting classes use Sketchup in addition to AutoCAD or something. If you’re motivated enough though, then you can learn everything they teach in class and more from the internet. The information is out there if you’re willing to check it out.


Whoa! Thank you! So useful!

I used to write documentation (back when software came with manuals), and so I’ve learned loads of software. With every project I always had to remind myself in the beginning that it was OK to be stupid. I’m reminding myself of that right now.

My first motto for my consulting business was “No software too scary.” Later I changed it to “Just click it and see what happens.”

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Oh, thank you for the reminder! I did see these earlier but then got embroiled in the videos. This is good stuff! I am hopeful.

It’s normal to not know what you haven’t learned yet, but you’ll figure it out if you keep on studying. Without a doubt.

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