Learning the basics

Where can I find decent, basic level tutorials for sketchup Free? All I find are old, obsolete training guides or guides that assume I know things already. I am a real newbie.

See question mark down left from within SketchUp Web Free. Follow that “help” to arrive here:


These are not tutorials but about what you should at least know about SketchUp.

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Thanks! This really helps.

Hi @striperseeker and welcome to the SketchUp forums! Learning SketchUp can be a big undertaking so let me start off by wishing you the best of luck on your journey from newbie to master. From the look of your profile, you are using the free web app so I’ll try and limit myself to information that is alligned to that version.

First up, as mentioned by Wo3Dan the link they posted is a good place to get started. It will only take you so far though. Knowing what each tool does and when to use each one is critical to long term success. Knowing what your goals are with SketchUp would be helpful so we can point you in the right direction for the most up to date info on that particular subject. Do you have an end goal in mind for what you want to do with SketchUp?