Sketchup Free Basic Learning Tutorial

Hi, I have just downloaded the sketchup free version to learn to draw 3D models. I am a beginner and have no prior experience in 3D modelling but its never late to learn something new. Will be very grateful if someone could please share some easy to learn video tutorials?

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Do you mean you downloaded SketchUp 2017 MAKE? If so, Start here:

Hi Dave, I checked the installation and its 2018 version with modelling on web browser feature.

Is there a separate tuotrial for this new version?

Your profile indicated 2017 so you are giving confusing information. SketchUp Free is versionless. It’s just SketchUp Free. And it doesn’t really get downloaded. You open it in your browser.

Start here: Getting Started with SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help

ah! my apologies. didnt realise profile was showing 2017. Will change that now. Thanks for the help.

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