Vertical line in photomatch image

Hi Sketchup Pros! I am still working on my HOPE CAFE render…I imported a JPG into photomatch and proceeded to line up the vanishing points. All of the axis lined up perfectly EXCEPT the vertical (yellow) center line. It is implying something like “if you want the centerline accurate, the vanishing points will be askew”…which is a lose lose sitiuation. Does anyone know why this is happening? I checked back to my original JPG and it is perfectly accurate at the centerpoint. Thankyou for any advice or tips. I am unable to send the skp file because it says it is too big. Is there a way to make the file smaller for easy sharing? Thankyou in advance. Here is a JPG showing that the vanishing points line up fine but the vertical centerline won’t line up.


Now that the file uploaded, I see the axis cannot be seen. I would prefer to upload the skp but don’t know how to compress it below 16mb

Upload the .skp to a file sharing service such as Dropbox. Put the link to the post in the forum. Make sure the file is able to be shared,(permissions)

It could be helpful to make a screenshot of your SketchUp window while editing the MatchPhoto scene. Screenshots aren’t very big files.

Did you take the picture? If not, you don’t know whether it’s manipulated or cropped unsymmetrically.

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It seemed to happen when I enlarged the original file from around 4" X 4" up to 24" X 24" , I think before that all the axes and the center (blue) origin lined up as well. I used yellow for origin because I can’t see the blue very well. Is that OK? Is it the JPG itself that makes the file too big? I can easily reduce that size (I think)…Thankyou for your holiday help! ~~Robbie!!

Here I think I made the file smaller…and it seemed to work OK. I checked the original file and the origin line is right where I want it, but it moves around when I adjust the axes. This seems to be a new issue for me. I have done quite a few photomatches and hadn’t this happen before. I was thinking perhaps the photo was taken from a vantage point too close to the building, leaving th right side of the building very steep. I am be fuddled. Hope you can see what I did wrong. Thx. Robbie

ZZ- Small File SKP with axes line up but not origin.skp (3.74 MB)

What matters to SketchUp is the pixel dimensions, not the inches dimensions. It doesn’t like something much bigger than 6 megapixels (3000x2000 pixels) I choked it once trying 24 MP.

That is messed up. You can’t get it to work. I suspect it’s an unsymmetrically cropped photo.

I did rotate and crop the jpg image so that it would line up vertically. I do not know how to reduce the resolution, but can make the file size smaller, which consumes few space in MPs. I don’t have much experience in modeling but I have worked with other graphic programs for years. Being 72 now, I have around 30 years into Photoshop, AI, Coreldraw, and others. Not to blow my own horn, but every time I think I could be getting the knack of SU, something happens that defies the artist in me. I do learn things handily, but “theory” is my best learning style. Knowing “why” is better than having someone actually “do it for me”. It’s like the age old adage “Teach a man to fish instead of giving him a fish dinner”. Perhaps there is a way to rotate the image inside of SU so that the origin line lines up conveniently. I don’t know much by being merely a grasshopper. Thanks for reading. Robbie

This might be the reason for your troubles. Use the original photo from the camera. Your editing might have moved the optical center of the image away from the middle point. For the PhotoMatch function to work correctly the optical center and the middle point must coincide.

Anssi I don’t see my note here on the BBS. This is an untouched photo directly from the camera. Can you please take a look and see if is usable for a photomatch endeavor? I got 2 days into it now and am getting very discouraged. Any suggestions would be certainly welcome. Robbie

Unless you “suspend gravity” in SketchUp, it always keeps the camera upright in daily use, but it’s possible in the real world to roll the camera (side to side) making the horizon crooked. In fact no photographer is perfect and almost always is off a little even when you try. Match Photo is designed to deal with that and will roll the camera, so it’s not necessary to fix the picture before import. It’s better to fix that as well as perspective correction in post after working in SU. You shouldn’t be thinking as much about making the vertical axis straight up as much as making the horizon line level. Match Photo shows you the horizon line, so you can see just how out of level you are, but it copes anyway.

Photoshop can down sample the original photo to lower resolution. Since my camera shoot 24 megapixels, I always downsample the image to around 4~6 megapixels before import to SU. (I use Lightroom, but PS does the same thing.)

Wow, that’s in depth. I never thought SU could have some kind of AI to auto correct human missteps. I will try bringing in a fresh photo and try once again.
I like the idea of having some built in logic which I have very little of. cant wait to try again. Thankyou. Robbie in NY