Version 2018 error in file fontsub.dll

I installed the version 2018 and the program doesn’t start, It show error message:
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\FONTSUB.DLL It is not designed to run on windows or contains an error.
Anyone can help me plz ?


I can’t remember seeing this problem mentioned before. I’m torn between recommending a fresh download of the SU installation files, and pushing the blame for this onto Microsoft.

Probably the safe practice here is to download the SU installer file again and see if the file size between what you originally downloaded, and the fresh attempt match up—in terms of file size.

Or, you could just go through another installation attempt with the newly downloaded set, and see if things turn out any differently.

As far as placing the blame onto Microsoft for this, it’s probably worth thinking about the recent set of events which your computer has gone through. Think in terms or recent updates, new installs (other than SU), and uninstalls of other programs you might have made.

Searches for information on errors related to FONTSUB.DLL files lean in a few different directions: A botched Microsoft Update being one cause;… invalid registry entry;… other programs accidentally deleting them, or overwriting them with a different version;… then there’s also deletion via uninstalling software, and the always present blame it on a virus claim for file corruption.

Other than looking into what’s involved in reinstalling this particular dll file… I’d say it’s probably best to wait this out until you get a little more information from others around here… including, hopefully someone in the SketchUp support team. They’ll have info about this particular error already on file if it’s been a reported problem in their past.

When you installed SU16, did you r-click on the installer > Run as administrator?

I just Googled the missing .DLL name and came across this decently descriptive article. One of the troubleshooting steps involved tweaking the registry. Now one of the things SU requires is access to the registry to store things like your program settings. Which leads me to wonder if the program was installed correctly by running the installer as administrator.

(Note: that above linked article has a bunch of suggestive buttons/links about downloading things to restore the “missing” .DLL. I think those are all ads. Ignore them.)

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