Can't get Sketchup 2018 or Sketchup 2019 to run at all - not even trial versions :(

Good day,

I have downloaded and installed 1st Sketchup 2018 (free version) from the Sketchup website to try it out but can’t get it to run - pops up error message as shown in attached image.

I then uninstalled it, to try Sketchup 2019 (also free version). Both give me exactly the same errors! I am using Windows 7 (64 bit) as these program runs only on 64-bit computers.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable is installed on my computer but the specified missing .dll file is not showing when searching it, I have followed instructions online to fix the problem by repairing it, but still that .dll is missing!

I have NO experience with how to repair registry files or such. I am only an artist. Otherwise I need computer literate guys to help me out.

The 1st error I got, I had to ignore as I have NO idea of what it means or what do do, due to my lack of computer related data knowledge. :roll_eyes:

Just want to say that Sketchup Pro 2016 is working greatly with no problems.

But when I have realised that most of the new models at the Sketchup Warehouse since 1 March are from 2017 up only, I have to get the newest versions to use them. I am sad that they have removed 3 years versions in a row at once from the Warehouse.

Any help or suggestions on my problem to run the free versions will be most appreciated.


When you’ve installed SketchUp, did you right click on the installer file and select Run as administrator?

They have not removed any versions. The Warehouse automatically creates versions going back to SU2014.

Thank you for your answer. I can’t remember if I had run it as administrator. Will check it out. As what should I run it otherwise?

I am only searching the Warehouse via this link to get to the latest models uploaded. - setting sort by date new to old

And this is where I have noticed the latest uploads only shows Sketchup 2017 and up
models since yesterday, well almost all of it. It only affects the new uploads it seems.