Sketchup pro trial download missing .dll

just downloaded 2021 pro trial, have tried reinstalling and even making sure ive updated all my windows drivers. but when trying to open sketchup or layout i get error message saying MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME140.dll are missing and to try reinstalling program. help please

some additional files need to be downloaded and installed to cope with the graphics pipeline.
When logged in as the normal user in Windows, rightclick on the installer file and choose, ‘Run as Administrator’. When prompted, choose ‘repair’. This should download and install the needed files. Reboot after that and try to run SketchUp.

Did exactly as told it never prompted me to repair it just went straight to install and still missing both dll files

Ran a program compatibility test which got it to prompt the repair queue keep fingers crossed this works

It didnt work.

Fixed it by fixing the c++ redistributables

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