Can't open new downloaded trial

Have tried to open up new downloaded sketchup trial and it cant as there is a DLL file missing. However I have updated windows 10, I have no missing files and it reckons everything is ok. No luck. Cananyone help

Can you post the exact error message? Or at least post the name of the missing .dll?

‘msvcp140.dll was not found’ and then 'vcruntime140.dll

Thanks for response. I have worked it out. Needed to install ‘Visual studio’ installer. Its a new laptop with amazing spec., but still was missing something! Anyway, sorted. Thanks

Someone else had a similar problem recently, and did a solution that worked quickly (not that you need it yourself, but for the benefit of people who read this topic later):

In the Add & Remove Programs control panel, find the latest Visual C++ entry (may be named as the 2015-2019 version), and click on it as if you intend to uninstall it. You are given an option to do a repair. Try that.