Vector Texture

Vector Texture

Hello community.
I’m always trying to improve the drawings I produce and I’ve noticed the huge difference in the sizes of the product file (pdf) - depending on the hybrid and vector display mode.
So I decided to produce some of my views with this display mode.
I tried to use new textures imported into SketchUp directly from a Photoshop file (.psd). This file was drawn with the pen tool only.

Unfortunately, when the Layout window was rendered, the texture details were not visible.
If I understand correctly the textures in SketchUp are automatically turned into rasters, they are not supported in vector form?

Presumably you are referring to viewports rendered as Vector in LayOut since you posted in the LayOut category. Textures in SketchUp are always raster images. When a viewport in LayOut is rendered as Vector there is no raster texture displayed. In order to get textures you must use either Raster or Hybrid rendering. The later gives raster textures with Vector linework.

Are you still using SketchUp 2019 as your profile shows?

Using SketchUp 2023