Solid fill only

I have been trying to render in vector the solid fill scene created in Sketchup.

In sketchup, the style i have created has no edges or profiles (all line work off) and only solid fill On.

The scene in sketchup looks exactly like i want it. But when i render it in vector settings in layout, the viewport shows all the edges again.

How can i fix this issue?

Vector rendering by definition will show vector edges. If you don’t want the edges to show, leave the rendering set to Raster.

I want it vector so it renders the solid fill line and be able to export it to dwg

Upload an example LayOut file.

section fill issue.layout (103.3 KB) Here is a sample.

So you want it like on the right?

Group from slice is designed for that sort of thing.

I also have issues with this. Sketchup and Hybrid/Vector are not 100% match and should be.

These particular scenarios would be very useful to have in Layout for Vector/Hybrid drawings but you can’t:

  • Profiles ON Edges OFF Faces ON
  • Profiles ON Edges OFF Faces OFF
  • Profiles OFF Edges OFF Faces ON

Raster drawings are not good for DWG, or PDF vector drawings export

Yes but thats extra steps and not automated like the one I was trying to implement

But it works and gets you what you asked for.