LayOut Rendering Observation

I am working on a presentation and was asked for a detail by the planning division. In creating the detail in SU, I created the model below. Note the translucent wall panels and the line work reflecting the joint between panels inside and out.

Here is the Edge tab of SU Styles:


Here are my rendering observations in Layout, all settings being the same except choice of Vector, Raster or Hybrid in SketchUp Model Tray. First Vector:

Second Raster:

Lastly, Hybrid:

And, my question: I would like vector line work. However, both Vector and Hybrid renderings do not present the translucence (Material set to Opacity = 50) with “double joint between panels” of the Translucent Panels. Is there a suggested way to achieve both vector line work and translucence in LayOut?

I don’t know if there is a power user way to dictate which bits are handled by raster, and which by vector, when doing hybrid. It seems correct, though inconvenient, for vector to layer on top of raster in your example.

Could you either try raster at high resolution, or do both, and use Photoshop to control which bits show through?

Transparency is not supported in vector rendering as it is a raster based feature.

To simulate transparency in vector rendering, I use the technique of viewport stacking. I create two identical scenes in SketchUp, the other with the transparent features hidden and a dashed linestyle, and then overlay the two in LayOut.


This is the way to do it. Just set up your layers correctly so the raster version is below the vector version.

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Thank you @colin, @Anssi and @Sonder for your insights and direction. The solution shown below came close to my desired goal by creating three stacked Viewports in LayOut. Top) Translucent Panels isolated and viewed with their own group on a unique layer and saved to a scene with SU Style Wireframe, Viewport in Hybrid; Middle) remainder of building with SU Style Edges only, Viewport in Vector; Bottom) remainder of building with SU Style no edges and textures, Viewport in Raster. Again thanks.


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