Possible LayOut Feature request--transparencies and Hybrid

I am finding that transparent materials wipe out hybrid edges beyond in Layout. I’ve checked this–but maybe I’m missing something.

SU file style transparencies “Nicer”
Looks fine in SketchUp:
Crisp edges show through png. image textures and translucent textures made within SketchUp.
Unmodified scene in LayOut, Hybrid , high rendering resolution:
Edges beyond transparent textures don’t show on screen or pdf prints.

Request to fix this?

They don’t. Transparency is a raster effect so vector edges don’t recognize it. The same with “Back edges”. Some of this can be simulated by stacking viewports with different settings.

Hybrid is a mix of vector and raster. The edges are there, just behind translucent materials–and they look just fine in SketchUp. So LayOut and SketchUp are not compatible in that respect?

I already have stacked viewports; but it seems that in order to get the lines to show up, I’d have to have scenes that hide the faces with transparent materials.

It seems that if I could do it by a work around, the application could have that option to do it automatically.

It’s certainly an advantage in some cases. For windows–I usually don’t want detail from inside the building to come out in exterior elevations.

In LO the edges behind the translucent materials are rendered as raster. In SU all edges are rendered as raster.

If the edges behind the translucent object were rendered as vector in LO you’d get what I show on the left. On the right the block behind is rendered as Hybrid just like the blue thing but I used stacked viewports.

That doesn’t look too bad for the application. Not sure in which way the viewports were made/ stacked.
Here’s a single Hybrid image–screenshots, first from SketchUp and from LayOut.

I don’t understand this since in Vector all the surfaces default to a color as in this example of the same LO viewport that I posted before, but rendered in Vector. (the image base color was apparently black).

I was referring to the edges being rendered as vector in Hybrid rendering.