Transparent walls become solid when I export a PDF

Hey guys. I’ve got a problem here. I have some transparent walls in my model in hidden line style but when I export it as a PDF all the transparent walls become solid, even when I bring the model into Layout and choose vector in Sketchup model section the walls become solid too. I appreciate your helps in advance.

Basically, that is how it goes. Transparency is a raster graphics feature that SketchUp cannot replicate in vector graphics. To see through walls or windows the solution would be to hide them.

Can you export from SU as jpg or png? Then convert to pdf?

In Layout you can use stacked viewports to show both. One with vector line work, the other with just the transparent faces isolated and raster rendered.

Render the viewport(s) using Hybrid instead of Vector. You get the transparent faces and Vector edges.

This is a screen shot from a PDF creeated in LayOut.

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