Vector Print Changes Perspective

When I am ready to print and I select the vector option, once I print the perspective will stretch and shrink where it then won’t allow me to put back into a 2 point perspective and the green and blue when scaling are off. Hard to explain, but is there a solution, without closing out the drawing without saving? Thank you.

What do you mean with vector print, PDF? If the perspective changes, do you mean the Field of View in Camera setting? Are you printing from SketchUp? Or do you use LayOut?
Please show some pictures of what you are trying to accomplish, it doesn’t make sense to me , now…


This is what happens…I select the vector box then press print. When I do the perspective because stretched as shown in pic and then if you switch it back to two point perspective the background zooms in and out, but the drawing itself doesn’t change. The only way to get back is if I close out of the drawing without saving and reopen.

Can you share the SKP file?

Can you re-upload screenshots that aren’t as heavily cropped? Seeing the context, such as what SU version is used, would help. Especially th last screenshots looks broken with the partial blue sky.

When you shift from unconstrained perspective to two-point perspective (which involves pointing the camera horizontally), SketchUp can be quite dumb about how it positions the camera. This causes the view to jump and you have to use the pan tool to bring it back into position.

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