Printing problem in Sketchup for web

Just recently, I have encountered problems in printing a perspective drawing to a PDF (see the attached file). When I try to print a perspective drawing, the print window always defaults to the parallel projection view and changes the primary window to parallel projection. Curiously, the parallel projection view prints correctly. Unfortunately, when I change the view in the print window to a perspective view either by selecting a scene with perspective or by toggling the parallel projection off using a keyboard shortcut, the PDF of the perspective view is always distorted. The drawing is broken into two parts of different size. This problem occurs whether I use single-point or two-point perspective.
Without success, I have tried to correct this problem by using a different browser, restarting the computer and separately restarting the graphics processor. I have also tried importing the model into a new Sketchup instance that does not contain any scenes. None of these attempts have worked. I do not remember having this problem previously. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for posting this. There appears to be a bug related to printing camera modes. I will report it to the SketchUp for Web team right away.

I have experienced the same problem for some time now. It works sometimes, but mostly it returns this distorted picture.

Toonan - Stone facing layout-6.pdf (844.0 KB)

Any progress or update on this? I am still having the same problem.