Printing problem in Sketchup for web

Just recently, I have encountered problems in printing a perspective drawing to a PDF (see the attached file). When I try to print a perspective drawing, the print window always defaults to the parallel projection view and changes the primary window to parallel projection. Curiously, the parallel projection view prints correctly. Unfortunately, when I change the view in the print window to a perspective view either by selecting a scene with perspective or by toggling the parallel projection off using a keyboard shortcut, the PDF of the perspective view is always distorted. The drawing is broken into two parts of different size. This problem occurs whether I use single-point or two-point perspective.
Without success, I have tried to correct this problem by using a different browser, restarting the computer and separately restarting the graphics processor. I have also tried importing the model into a new Sketchup instance that does not contain any scenes. None of these attempts have worked. I do not remember having this problem previously. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for posting this. There appears to be a bug related to printing camera modes. I will report it to the SketchUp for Web team right away.

I have experienced the same problem for some time now. It works sometimes, but mostly it returns this distorted picture.

Toonan - Stone facing layout-6.pdf (844.0 KB)

Any progress or update on this? I am still having the same problem.


I have the same issue. When I print something, I lose the perspective (distorted view) and I cannot restore when I am back on main window. Any update on this issue meanwhile?

Create a scene for the view you want and choose it from My Scenes on the right side of the Preview window.

Hello DaveR,

It’s OK with your method. Thank you !

We did recently figure this out. The problem comes when you get into print to scale and also perspective. Those two are not supposed to be available at the same time. It looks like using scenes can work around that, though if you have a scene that is in perspective, it still gives strange PDFs.

Anyway, we have that fixed internally, and the next time we update the production version the problem should go away.


I am the original poster in this discussion. I am also a long time user of SketchUp After reading the comments that you posted today, I reopened my problematic file and tried several things with interesting (but not good) results. It appears to me that various portions of your software are not communicating correctly with each other.

Rather than taking up your time with a lengthy explanation, I have created a brief, 90 second video to show this problem. Basically, it appears that when I create a scene, the scene fails to transmit the correct perspective settings to the active SketchUp window. Then, when I go to the print window, the communication problems between various portions of your software worsen, leading to incorrect and inconsistent results.

I have placed the video in my Dropbox. You should be able to view it and/or download it. I believe this video demonstrates these problems clearly. I am concerned that the fix you described may not correct all of the problems that I have encountered. If it would be useful, I would be happy to show you other similar issues using these settings.

David Jardine

Your video does show the main variation of the problem, but the fix I mentioned is not yet published. I can come back here when I hear that the next update has happened.

OK. Thanks. I look forward to the fix.

David Jardine

You can try your tests again now, the fix has gone live.


My computer is not able to load the new version of SketchUp. I tried opening, but it only loaded the rotating SketchUp icon. Even after restarting my computer, and signing in to SketchUp through, I was stuck with the rotating SketchUp icon. I am unable to progress beyond that.

David Jardine

It seems to be working for me. Thanks Colin.

Some people were seeing that even before today’s update. You could try in a different browser. Sometimes when the page won’t load in one browser, it works ok in another browser.