Error in printing A4-paper in SketchUp for Schools

I’m technology education teacher from Finland.

Recently I got problem with printing my students designs from SketchUp for School.

The problem seems to be somewhere in the conversion phase from SKP to PDF…

The PDF-file is split in half or right side is totally corrupt… Is there some fix for this?

Mr. Jukka Raulamo
laatikko_suunnitelma(2).pdf (110.3 KB)
oma ty hylly.pdf (87.1 KB)

Very odd, I can’t say I have seen that one before. Is it affecting all your students or just a few? Also, can you possibly share a .skp file when you have a minute so I can run a few tests on it?

While I wait for your reply, I’ll see if I can get in touch with a developer this afternoon to see if we have pushed any changes that might be causing this but without the .skp file to look at it might be tough to pin down what is going on.

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Thank you for Your quick answer. Here are few.
Pretty all had some issues this far. Not many desings yet printed this autum. Last spring there were not this kind of problems.

Jukka Raulamo

7B_ES_yopouta.skp (266.9 KB)
7C_T_hylly.skp (253.7 KB)

p_teline.skp (238.6 KB)
p_teline (2).pdf (82.9 KB)

One new file…
Jukka Raulamo

And one again, this time in portrait mode:

yhteisty_o+v.skp (244.1 KB)
yhteisty_o+v_(1).pdf (145.6 KB)

Yours, Jukka

I looked at the files you linked and don’t see anything wrong after an initial scan through them, but it is possible I am missing something so I’ll get them another look as soon as I have a minute to make sure I am not missing anything. I also tried loading up SketchUp for Schools in a few different browsers on my machine and tested the export to see if I could replicate it but didn’t have any luck so far.

Are you doing anything special when you go to print your files or are they getting messed up directly from SketchUp? Also, what browser are you using?

It is clear that you have a bug with the export somewhere and I definitely want to help you but I just can’t seem to replicate it.

Hi again @jukka.raulamo. Hopefully all is well as I have not heard back from you in a while but I did want to see if you had any additional information for me as I try and replicate the bug you are seeing. Can you let me know if you are still seeing the bug and if you are doing anything particular to cause the bug?

Hi again @CaseyG
I´m normally printing the student designs in 3D-perspective if there is only 3-5 components and measurements are well marked. Occasionally I print top-view.

Now I see when the problems are coming:

  1. Students are drawing in perspective mode.

  2. When I print their design in the “Perspective mode” it seems to be “Parallel Projection”-mode, and the pdf-conversion is looking okay, even those lines are not in perspective. :thinking:

  3. When I try to change it: “Scenes → Camera → Perspective”
    and then go the “Print Mode → Current View” but the “Current View” is still on “Parallel Projection”-mode :grimacing:

  4. Only way to get perspective looking in “Print preview” -window is getting “Print to Scale” and sometimes “Scenes”, but those both are making corrupted versions of the original design.

I´m using latest Chrome and Firefox in my computers.
I have now tested this problem in Win 8.1, Windows 10 Pro/64-bit, and Win 10 Edu/64-bit and this happens in all of them.

The only way not to have this problem is to print designs in “Parallel Projection” and “Top, Bottom, Right, Left, Back” -views, but this means 5 prints instead of two and lots of more time. :roll_eyes:

When I talked about this with my 9th graders, they remembered that this problem was already at early spring 2023. I did not remember that.


7D_T_Print_2.pdf (59.7 KB)
PRINT_1.pdf (61.6 KB)