Print to pdf is distorted

Hello, I’ve been using SketchUp for a while, and I am no longer able to print my project to pdf. It looks ok in the print preview screen (once I change the view to print to scale), but when it generates a pdf it looks like half the image has shifted slightly. I’ll try to upload a sample…

Christine’s Office Cabinetry-18.pdf (964.7 KB)

This has been reported a few times. Setting the camera to Parallel Projection seems to sort it out but the developers are aware of it and working on a solution.

Your profile says you have SketchUp Pro. You could download the file to your computer and export the PDF from SketchUp or insert it into a LayOut file and export the PDF from there. If you render the model viewport as Vector or Hybrid you’ll also get a better looking result than exporting the PDF from SketchUp for Web.

Thanks DaveR. I used to have a similar problem that Parallel Projection corrected, but now it’s not working for this issue. Hopefully the developers figure it out quickly.

I made a mistake on my profile - I’m actually using Sketchup Go on an annual subscription.

Fingers crossed.

Just wondering if there’s been any progress on fixing this issue. I still can’t print to pdf, and now it’s even affecting old sketches I’ve made in the past. I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel my subscription if I can’t print anything.

The 2023.1.3 update did fix a number of issues. If you’re not already using that version you can get it here:


Sketchup for Web Colin, for web. :slight_smile:

Ok, good point!

Fortunately, I know about the web issue as well.

We have a couple of bug cases about this. I don’t know if they are being worked on yet. @marwanobeidat may be able to say more.

Printing issues are on our roadmap, we will update as we make progress.

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Out of curiosity, does your file contain scenes? I’ve definitely seen this happen without scenes, but on files that do contain scenes copying the model geometry into a new file that has never had scenes seems to work most of the time.
As a last resort, Export to PNG may be the best alternative.

No, there are no scenes in my sketch (other than “last print”). I did export to PNG, which works fine - thanks!

I’m still contemplating cancelling my subscription until the issue is addressed though - PDFs are easier to include in my estimation software.

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