Trouble with Generation of PDFs

Is anyone else getting a glitch when trying to generate a pdf with the FREE web version? The image looks good on the screen, but when I press “print to pdf,” it generates an image split down the middle with half of it at a different scale than the other. Any suggestions? At this point, I’m taking screenshots, but that is not very elegant! Is it possible to print directly to a printer with the Free version.

Air Filter Box (15).pdf (106.6 KB)

It’s a known issue. They’ve said they are working on fixing it.

No. Not very elegant. I assume this is for your personal use?

One thing you could do is make sure the view fits on a single page and choose a scene for the Print Mode.

There is a bug report in our system, SKIT-5990. At the moment I’m not seeing the problem happening, but the bug is still open. Not sure when it will be fixed.

I can confirm there is still an issue printing PDFs on the free web version as of 1/28/2024. I’m not sure why you’re not seeing the issue. Maybe the issue is model size related. Also, scenes are NOT a work around for 3D views, but do work for 2D front/side/top views. When you create a 3D scene, the same distorted (disjointed in the middle) pdf file is created. The only true work around is a screen capture and some minor editing before printing that image to a PDF.

Hi Colin - I too am experiencing a similar issue when attempting to print to PDF from scenes using the free web version. The print preview for all four scenes look exactly how they should. The end product is 1x A4 sheet that looks nothing like any of the four scenes - basically a bunch of converging guidelines and no sight of the model.
I hope you can find a solution. In the meantime I’ll be using the screenshot workaround mentioned earlier in this thread.