Vector line weights export heavy to PDF

Setup my Layout document with varying line weights associated with different viewports (vector rendered) so plan sets don’t appear too busy. When I export as a Pdf it all just comes through heavy.

Have tried adjusting a few setting in Acrobat (unchecked “enhance thin lines”) but no luck

Any advice?


Are you able to share your layout file and/or screenshots of your PDF?

Are you familiar with exploding vector viewports to turn it into a scaled drawing? While this is not always convenient, it does allow you more control over stroke widths.

For Mac user’s, if you get desperate, there’s always the old trick of generating PDF’s via the Print… dialog box (any program, not just SketchUp or Layout). If you play a game with paper size and 50% reduction in the print dialog box, you can effectively scale all the line weights in half.

Are you still using SketchUp 2018 as your profile indicates?

Using Sketch 2022, also attaching files below.

Screenshots don’t tell much. Post a LayOut file that displays this problem if you can. Probably it is a question of screen and output resolution and, possibly, using JPEG compression in output.

Happy to upload the layout file but apparently it’s too large, is there and alternate way to share it?

Put it into a cloud service (Dropbox, GDrive, WeTransfer…) give everyone access and share the link here.

Cheers, thanks! Here you go.

There’s a lot of content that is not SketchUp Viewport on the page you show. The two viewports (Raster and Vector) show that Line Scale is set to the same 0.5 pt. I turned off all of the layers except the two with viewports and exported a PDF. None of those edges look particularly heavy on my machine. Do they on your end?
2 Corner Pocket Pl_A2_Floor plans.pdf (211.6 KB)

The Beam viewport is set to have a Line Scale of 2.0 so those lines will appear much heavier than the ones in the other two viewports. Is that what you want?