VBO Solutions Piping Pro install help

Hello All,

I recently purchased VBO Piping Pro 3.1.3 is the latest version. Ive installed it as I have done with every other extension. It shows up in extension manager but the “login” doesnt appear there is no Icon and its not listed in the Extensions pull down (the free version does). Ive reached out to them with no reply (in the last five days) called and the voice mail is full. Has anyone experienced this install problem? Perhaps im missing something. I imagine they will get back to me at some point but I would like to get the extension up and running.

Did you quit and restart SketchUp after installing the extension?

Yes I quit and restarted several times. deleted the free version. used extension manager to remove then made sure the app was deleted from the directory all my extensions are located in. It shows in extension manager with a valid signature. Im stumped. Ive seen it should have an Icon that would load a login dialog but its no where to be seen. I think it should at least show up in the extensions pull down.

I appreciate any help.

I don’t use the extension so I don’t know for sure but not all extensions show up in the Extensions menu. There didn’t appear to be anything to indicate which menu it would be in but look in Draw and Tools.

What did file type did they send you?

I looked in tools and draw. as an example some Fredo extensions are in the tools pull down so I knew that. Its an .rbz file I placed it in my plugins directory then used extension manager to install. after that I restart SU. the install created a sub directory like other extensions have done. I even removed and deleted then installed an older version of VBO. I removed the free version. reinstalled with no change. Then reinstalled the free version and it works. I thought there could have been a conflict.

After installing, did you try using the search command to find it? I believe (based on screen shots I have seen) that there is a toolbar… did you try turning that on? As mentioned, not all extensions show up in the Extensions menu.

It doesn’t have extension menu. Only a small icon that could be behind another toolbar. Do you have another screen?

I have never used the search command but looked it up and ran the search. It only turned up the free version. Normally when installing extensions the palette is floating then when I drag it to the tool bar it lives there. I have looked carefully at the tool bars. I appreciate all the help. It looks like I just have to wait for a response. It seems the developer is away. Im sure they will get back to me. Thank you all.

There is a Facebook group where they post info. Try to ask there…