Failed to save dump error 183

Second crash today, with Error 183. Failure to save dump

I was editing a line in VBO Pipe plugin.
Both crashes happened while moving a line in the group created by the plugin.
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Since this seems to be caused by the extension, it might be worth contacting the author to see if they have a solution. It may or may not be an issue but the EW page for the free version of VBO Piping indicates that the last update was December of 2017 and compatibility is for 2017 and 2018. The Pro version indicates last update Dec. 2019 and compatibility for only SketchUp 2019.

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Thank you DaveR. I do recall getting a pop up regarding compatibility on install. It seemed to run fine so thought I dodged the bullet, but it would appear not so much. This would be the place to find any work arounds or workflow practices to modify for success. As I am in the midst of a large plant model project I will consider paid versions that are compatible with 2021. I believe Enroth has one for pipe from line. Sorry for the trouble, thank you again.

It was no trouble. From what I can see the free version of the VBO extension doesn’t appear to be getting any love anymore. I can imagine an extension like that working up to a point and then rolling over to play dead if the file got to be too complex or something.

Good luck with the eneroth extension. I would consider looking at the Pro VBO version but after your experience I would want to find out from the author what that error means and ensure it’s not going to crop up in the pro version, too.

Their website has a basic version for a dollar, but it did not list the version number. The pro version for 54$ is The basic plug-in on my system is 2.0.2 I will try to reach out to them. The website did not have a support page or contact info. The Extension page only linked to their plug in page as well, no contact info. Bummer as it has some nice features. makes 45, 90 or Tee elbows and can add flanges for joints. Other free pipe plugins just use follow-me tool with a circle and leaves sharp joints. Alas. I appreciate your help Dave. :slight_smile:

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Their website offered a free code for the 1$ basic version. It has same version 2.0.2 as the one I have currently installed. It did say I should receive an email with unlock code, possibly I can reply to that. We shall see.

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