Pro 2022 Repeated crashes - Failed to save dump error 183

Persistent dump error on this file… tried all I know to solve it but it has crashed 5 or 6 times now in a row… help… file to large to attach here

Where are you trying to save to?

Upload the file to Dropbox and share the link.

I was just trying to save back to my local hard drive which as about 1 TB of available space. The last crash wiped out several hours of work; replaced simple flat surfaces with planar approximations. We generally work with axes locked in drawing planes and extensions. I’ve done lots of models without issue but this file seems to be causing immense problems, and, I admit I’m not sophisticated enough with Pro22 to know how best to resolve them.

Was your backup saved to a local drive or somewhere in the cloud?
BTW it would be best to sort out the causes of the crashes.
The file opens on my setup, Win 10.

Maybe it would help to fix the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 8_3_2022 , 4_41_17 PM
…and purge all the unused stuff. No point hoarding it.
Screenshot - 8_3_2022 , 4_41_46 PM

It would also help to reduce some of the obese components in the model such as this vanity.

And the dining table.

Thanks for your note. I had actually run both purge and fix options in Statistics and they had come up clean when the later version (I did not send along via the link) still crashed repeatedly - I just thought I’d send along the underlying file as we’d been working on it. We thought we’d solved it with the same finding you did here but we were wrong. I’d like to think that was the problem but that was the first approach I used when this file crashed. And, although that file element is, I agree bloated, that was put in a couple of hours before the entire upper level was developed and it was stable up until working on the roof which was created initially with simple panes and then push/pulled into form due to the unusual shape of the existing house we’re modeling.