Has anyone used VBO Piping Pro? I'm trying to update to the latest version

I wondered if there were any users who have used VBO Piping Pro. I have had no success contacting the developer, and have attempted to do so in at least 7 different ways… He did respond to me through Facebook, but then I got some radio silence… I need to update to 3.xxx The latest version.

What version are you currently running?

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Is that the “free” version?

The “free” version available at the Extension Warehouse and at kcdallc.com appears to be 2.0.2.

Version 3 is $99.99 - I guess you’ve paid up but are having some issues…?

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Yes, I’ve paid. (I got it half off :slight_smile:)


Yes, I received an email inviting me to download version 3.


But the link provided doesn’t work.


I don’t know…

Is that a Google Drive issue?

I’m sure you have - you’re requesting access using the same Google account that you used to buy the plugin?

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Any ideas @vbo

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Yes sir.

I sent him a PM on here.

He got back to me on FB. Turns out you need some sort of VPN to access that drive folder. Brave and chrome wouldn’t work, so I tried Edge, and boom, there it went!