Validity Check Error (Sketup Make)



Validity check
Results of Validity Check.
*** Problems were found that could not be fixed! ***
The entity at address 7e4d7970 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)

Each time I tried to add a sink on the wall where I marked with a red arrow, I am getting the above mentioned problem. The file cannot be saved with the added sinks.
What is it I am doing wrong?

Following is the link to my file:!Ah73LlZ4fleaaTxBo2xu_nwy5W0

To save or open the file it is now taking too long.


Looking at this file, you have a LOT of very heavy geometry. That playset out back is HUGE (250,000 faces). Those trees are 10,000 faces, each. The swingset is almost 300,000 faces.

I would recommend removing some of the entourage in your model to make it more manageable before going any farther (it can always be added back in later, if need be). Once you are down to your building geometry, it will be easier to track down the issue (there is a good change that the validation error is being cause by one of the items placed in the model, too!)


You have likely been victimized by bad models from the 3D Warehouse :worried:. There is no quality control there, and many of the models are either absurdly over-detailed, contain features that are way too small to see, or are outright defective. Often this is because someone was modeling a single smallish object without context and wanted it to look good when viewed up close. Other times it is because someone took a very detailed CAD model and converted it to SketchUp. Other times someone was just showing off how ornate a model they could create. But the bottom line is that such models can overwhelm SketchUp when combined with other similar bloats, and in some cases the overwhelming leads to an error in SketchUp’s internal database such as what you are seeing.

I don’t know whether you did this, but you should always download a model from the 3dw into a separate file and examine it there to see whether it is good. Take a look at the model info statistics and decide whether you really need 250,000 faces for the playset. Unless you are going to zoom in very close to it, you will never see all those tiny faces!

What sink is causing the problem (there are an awful lot of components in your model, I don’t want to guess wrong)? It’s possible it is also hyper-detailed and is just the straw that is breaking the camel’s back.

Edit: Adam Billyard’s Goldilocks extension (available from SketchUcation’s plugin store) is an excellent tool for analyzing whether the entities and textures in a model have appropriate amounts of detail for the way they look in a particular view. It analyzes the density of edges or image pixels vs screen area and flags the ones that have way more detail than you can see.


Dear Aaron, Thank you for your reply. I will try to load up my picture in the profile. I am very new in Sketchup. I am learning alone and it is sometimes hard to understand certain topics. If you have a bit of time, can you correct the mistakes I made and make the model more easy to handle? I do not know how to see the many faces you are talking about. I am using Sketchup for Dummies to learn Sketchup.


Dear Baumgartner, Thank you for your reply. . I am very new in Sketchup. I am learning alone and it is sometimes hard to understand certain topics. If you have a bit of time, can you correct the mistakes I made and make the model more easy to handle? I do not know how to see the many faces you are talking about. I am using Sketchup for Dummies to learn Sketchup. I will try to look for that extension you are suggesting.


Dear Aaron,
Dear Baumgartner,

I thank you very much for technical responses. Please take time to simplify
the model as I am still new in sketchup and do not know yet how to controll
certain things in my model.

I have added my picture in my profile as you requested.

Kindest regards

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Quick solution, erase the playset, swingset, and trees from your model. If you still see validation errors, I would recommend erasing anything you downloaded and very slowly add them back in, saving after each one. When you add one and get the error, it is likely that component that is causing the issue.


The posters above are dead on but before you try any of the suggestion you should try and make the probability of success max before opening the model,
Set render mode to mono chrome:
Select the extension manager under windows, then select the tool in upper right hand corner and the top optinon ( The gear) . This is trying to avoid you having too many plugins. We do not know what you baseline configuration is this is just to try avoid any problems;
Under windows preferences turn off the automatic check for problems. If you do not have problems opening the model with this on then leave on for obvious reasons;
Once you can get model open and able to work on it make sure you the layers drop down to turn off all the layers except the one you need fro you work. This will just the visibility of the item easier, it does not isolate geometry so make sure you still make max use of components as per present model.
You can also use the outliner to show you model tree to help the removal of items recommended but do not leave open all the time I have indications it affects my rendering speed and has been problems in past and changes were made to help but … ?
The heavy items Aaron recommend you remove can be opened in another version of SU and use Fredo’s tools , hope you still have them to help clean up.
Fredo’s tool reported 1439 lonely vertices and 127931 small edges < 2.5 mm and model should be scaled up but that is without the candidate item removals.
I am able to quickly get model size down to abt. 89MB( No large scale removal) from abt. ( about) 240MB but gut feel is that should be down to abt. <=20MB , just a swag?
If time allows will try some other thoughts unless others have a closed form solution for you, good luck!


I get this kind of errors when I import a SketchUp file that has inside a component that has the same name as the file itself. I have sometimes made the same mistake myself when saving a file for reuse as a component.



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