Getting a Validity Check error message repeatedly when saving file

I keep getting the following error when saving my .skp file:
Results of Validity Check.
*** Problems were found that could not be fixed! ***

The entity at address cc582000 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)

What can I do and is it something to worry about?

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Purge the model’s definition list, of unused component definitions:

Open the Components panel, click the In Model (house) button,
click the Details menu button to bring up the in model context menu,
and choose the Purge Unused item.


Purge the model of unused EVERYTHING.

Model Info > Statistics > Purge All

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It works! (first option I tried, anyway). You’re a genius! Thanks.

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Not really. This usually comes from errors in component definitions that are downloaded from the 3D Warehouse. Never download directly into your model. Insert into a new empty model, and inspect the component for problems.


I still get the message in Sketchup 2017, like it doesn’t help tp purge unsed nor fix problems, so my model are now ruined for ever…

I’ve had the same problem but what Dan Rathbun posted worked perfectly for me so thanks!

Are you downloading 3DW models directly into your models ?

I’m getting this error and yes, I did download a 3DW model and that’s when the error started happening. Purging didn’t help. Tried both.

Lesson learned ? Do not do this.

Download into an empty model and examine the model for errors before ever inserting into your own models.

Hopefully you can fix this by deleting the instance of the 3DW model (it is inserted as a component.) Then purge all.

If this doesn’t work, turn on all hidden geometry (View > Hidden Geometry), show all layers, and then Edit > Select All, and paste into a new empty model in a separate instance of SketchUp (Windows) or a new document frame (Mac editions.)



Purging did not solve the problem. I have not downloaded any new components from warehouse recently or had any problem of this sort before.

how do I track down that entity to identify which component is giving the problems?

One option might be to use Solid Inspector 2 to analyze the model. Generally solid groups and components won’t create validity errors. They are also easier to work with when you need to make changes.

Hi Dave, thanks for your reply
most of my components and groups are not solid, so I’m not sure if that will help

The question is, does it affect my model?
if its just a warning sign that will keep coming up, I don’t mind.

You can tell SketchUp to skip checking models in Preferences and you won’t see the message.

Great idea! So you think it dosnt affect the over all model?

Oh, there’s something amiss but if you can’t find it to fix it, putting black tape over the warning light is an option. I’d rather fix a model than leave a problem but if time is short, needs must.

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I know one way to get this error message:

  • start a new model and model something. Select what you have modelled and make it a component.
  • save the file with the same name you gave the component inside it.
  • import the saved file into some other model. You now have a component definition that references itself.

This seems to be a fairly common error when saving components. The right way is to right-click on the component and select Save As from the context menu. This eliminates the double wrapper.


Time is always short!! :joy::sweat_smile:

ahhhhhh maybe this is why!!! I drew a component yesterday out of the model file that I’m working on. I saved the new little component model as a skp file as I was drawing it, because I didn’t want a sketch splat on an untitled file and risk
loosing it . I then right clicked the component in the file and saved it as a component in my library
so yes I guess I doo have what you call a double wrapper!!

so how do I undo that?

I got the same error. Without closing my existing file, I created a new one.

Then, I went to the file with the error, did a “command a” (select all), and copied.

I then pasted to the new file and saved. I had no problems.

Hi Dan,

I was wondering if you could explain what it means to “inspect the component for problems”… what should I be looking for?