Results of Validity Check - Can't save work???


Results of Validity Check.
*** Problems were found that could not be fixed! ***

The entity at address 799d62b0 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)


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What is the actual problem? Does the validity check prevent the model from being saved? Does the check destroy something in the model?


I am trying to save my sketch up project, and this screen comes up, see pic.


Is the file being saved? Can you press OK and just save again?


In most cases, these kind of errors appear with imported 3D warehouse components.
It could be a nested component with the same or something like that.
Do you purge first? Window->Model Info->Statistics->Purge unused


Did your instructions and same thing… Same box pops up…

I have a project on and don’t want to loose it if computer dies… I have used some 3d warehouse models yes… any ideas?


I found this on a diff thread…

“It is not a virus, but a bug that somehow corrupts the model’s geometry database. Some reports suggest it happens when an imported component has the same internal name as the file that contains it.”



Sometimes you can copy and paste the model into a new instance of SketchUp.


Explode the 3D warehouse models(rightclick->choose Explode) keep exploding till ‘explode’ is grey.
While all geometry still is selected, right click and choose make Group/

If you have multiple instances of one 3D Warehouse component, first, right click the component and start exploding in that contex (eg. While ‘in ‘ the component)

Purge and check validity


sorry… so expode every 3d warehouse model, but they all have to be selected at the same time?? Can you please explain till explode is grey.


Not necesarely, if there is one of each component in the model, do it per component, if there are multiple instances (copies) edit one and start exploding. If ‘Explode’ is greyed out, you are at the level were only faces and edges remain. While still selected, you can group it to prevent ‘stickyness’


Just did all that right click explode, make compnent on all 3d warehouse models and nothign, same…

It’d be a shame ot loose this file…


Interestingly though it does save a file to the destination - It doesn’t actually say it can’t be saved… so it is saving but just lettig me know there are problems?


The validity check runs when saving, but should typically not affect saving.