Validity Check Issue

When I try to save my project on sketchup an error message pops up saying, “The entity at address 8cc7f0 has an invalid id (0) destroyed (0)”. I have tried deleting several different things but I cannot figure out what is causing the issue. How can I locate the address or entity? Is there something else I can do? Any suggestions would be great!

You can’t acces that id for it is destroyed. It is probably an ID from a component from 3D warehouse which is no longer valid. To avoid, make your own components or download components from 3D warehouse in an empty file, inspect the component, and import that file in your main model.

Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused

I have similar issues going on. I have updated to the 2017 version midway though this design and suspect that was a mistake now as I am getting the validity check Issue and the above suggestions have not helped me solve the problem. Do I need do delete all my 3D Warehouse images and start again??? Dan.

No, you wouldn’t. Regard it as a message. Also, SketchUp 2017 uses ID’s for entities ( vertices, lines ) to manage output in LayOut, so it doesn’t alway has to be an item from the 3D warehouse.

Thanks Mike, I have resolved the problem though did opt to delete some elements sequentially untiul the poroblem went away. A bit of a slow approach but not too much of a setback.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! Is there a way to find out exactly which object is causing the issue though? Also, does the project still save if I’m getting a validity issue message or must it be resolved before I can save it?

Dan are you there? I seem to be coming up against this validity check issue again. Does it mean my attempt to save my work is in vain or is it just a warning message I can ignore? The MI>STAT>Purge strategy does not resolve the problem for me. Please advise

I am where I usually am, but not always logged in here.

Not sure,… but you can switch off the validity check on save:

Window > Preferences > General
[ ] Automatically check models for problems
[ ] Automatically fix problems when they are found

###SketchUp User Guide

ADD: I’ve opened a thread on the lack of a SketchUp Help Center article for these types of errors:

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Searching on “validity check” will bring up a multitude of topic threads, like:

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