[V-Ray] Texture Color Bug

So here’s a weird one. After adjusting the colors of a model texture (HLS mode, I was adjusting saturation) I noticed that it turned out kind of pixelated. I pushed this further and moved the HLS L slider all the way to the left (making the texture black), then moved the slider back again and the texture appeared nearly blank. This is the first time this has happened and it seems to not be limited to this specific texture. Here are some screenshots:

Its almost like i dumped a black paint bucket over it in photoshop and basically made all the pixels uniform or something.
Here’s what I know so far:

  1. I’m running sketchup 2015 Make on Windows 7 64 bit with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  2. I opened different models with different textures and I have the same problem
  3. I opened this same model in a trial version of sketchup 2014 pro and didn’t run into this problem
  4. I opened the same model on a different machine with sketchup 2015 Make and didn’t run into this problem
  5. Updating the video card driver doesn’t seem to help
  6. Turning off hardware acceleration doesn’t help

I dunno. I’m kind of stumped. Anyone else run into this before?

On (4) you did not describe the difference in hardware, graphics & driver version.

Other machine is running an AMD Radeon 6450, also Windows 7 64 bit. Radeon driver is 4 years old.

So I figured it out! I have a V-Ray plug in for Sketchup which is sometimes on, sometimes off. I turned it off, restarted Sketchup up and lo and behold the aforementioned bug ceased to be a problem. Still kind of sucks that there’s this weird conflict with V-ray & Sketchup, but at least I now know what is causing the problem.

Please report this on the V-Ray website forums.